Who is UConn Pete ?


Summer 2017 in East Lyme with (from left to right) Drew class of 2000, Stephanie, Natalie, Peter and Steve class of 2000

UConn Pete is Peter Miniutti, an Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Connecticut and Director of UConn’s Community Research and Design Collaborative. Peter holds degrees in Environmental Design from the University of Massachusetts and a Masters of Landscape Architecture from Harvard University. While at Harvard, Peter was the proud recipient of the Janet E. Webel Award for Design Excellence. He specializes in the planning and design of sustainable landscapes at the local and regional scale. Peter has developed a comprehensive land use methodology titled, “Lands of Unique Value” (LUV).

Says Peter,

The education of a Landscape Architect is generalist in approach. Landscape Architects are not architects, yet we must understand fundamental architectural issues. We are not engineers, yet we need to understand solutions to control forces of nature. We are not horticulturists, yet we must create appropriate planting strategies. We are not artists, but we create poetry. The profession of Landscape Architecture is a unique and challenging profession that combines ideas from an array of disciplines. Part-art, part-science, we create socially responsible landscapes, which combine function with aesthetics. The “social-art” of Landscape Architecture demands of its participants the ability to see, think, question, envision, and create.  

Vitae:  Education:
Harvard University 1983  Masters of Landscape Architecture @ Graduate School of Design. Recipient of the Janet E. Webel Award for Design Excellence. University of Massachusetts 1979 Bachelors of Science in Environmental Design, Studio Option

Associate Professor, University of Connecticut 1994 – present. Instructor, Institute of Ecological Studies, New York 1992 – 1994. The Miniutti Group 1988 – present. Licensed Landscape Architect (#597) 1986 – present. Johnson & Richter, Avon, Connecticut 1985 – 1988, The SWA Group, Boston, Massachusetts 1983 – 1985. Paul C.K. Lu Associates, Belmont, Massachusetts  1982 – 1983. Sasaki Associates, Watertown, Massachusetts 1980 – 1981.